Wealth Management

Committed to fully understanding your personal financial aspirations

With a range of advanced financial, estate, retirement and education planning tools in its arsenal, IJG’s Wealth Management team is there to assist you in optimizing and consistently achieving and exceeding your personal savings and investment goals.

Our Advice


We understand that permanent loss of capital, not volatility, is the true measure of investment risk and accordingly keep our eyes focussed on protecting our clients against permanent loss of capital. We minimize the effect of volatility by matching the time horizon of the investment objective with that of the investment solution.


We will take the time to thoroughly understand your bigger picture, where you are in your life cycle, what you need and what you aspire to, to offer independent advice aimed at realising your goals. For us, advice always come first and then solutions, never the other way around.


Truly and fully understanding where you are in your journey allows us to leverage our wide array of investment solutions, which includes financial, estate, retirement and education planning tools, to tailor our services to fit your personal needs. We simply don’t do one-size-fits-all.

Our Expertise

IJG offers a wide range of segregated portfolios for institutional clients, including a variety of single asset class portfolios and asset allocation portfolios.

Education Planning

Our team of professionals cares about good education just as much as you and has put together a solid stable of education planning tools that will allow you to unlock the doors to top-class education for your children.

Estate Planning

Estate planning should make things as easy, smooth and fair for those you care about most. That’s exactly what we aim to do by ensuring that the right legal vehicles are used and that the estate has sufficient liquidity.

Financial Planning

Whatever your investment goal is, we have a range of investment solutions to meet your needs, including, but not limited to, stock portfolios, unit trusts, money market, government bonds, treasury bills and long-term insurance products.

Government Bonds

We tender directly to provide our clients of different sizes with very competitive rates that suits their needs. We also offer bond portfolio management solutions.


Our independent long-term insurance products are there to guard you and the ones that matter most to you against the vicissitudes of an eventful and adventurous life.

Money Market

Service and competitive returns are everything in our Money Market solution. We invite you to compare our rates, you will be surprised.

Offshore Solutions

Whether you wish to diversify your portfolio geopolitically or whether you would simply prefer to hold some of your assets in forex, we have vetted a suite of solutions to select the ones for you that have proved their mettle over time. This includes ZAR based offshore exposure as well as direct hard currency exposure. Solutions vary from unit trusts to bespoke direct access to a wide array of asset classes. Furthermore, we provide access to a Swiss bank account that can be linked to your investments and that is accessible as well when you travel overseas.

Stock Portfolios

We make use the EasyEquities trading platform which offers all Namibians the most diverse range of cost-effective investment solutions available in the market. Our managed share portfolios are underpinned by thorough research and tried and tested portfolio management principles and processes as a result of having proper asset management experience.

Retirement Planning

Our retirement planning makes provision for discretionary as well as non-discretionary solutions to provide you with the financial independence and freedom to make the most of your retirement and fully enjoy the things you were rationed on during your working life.

Treasury Bills

We tender directly to provide our clients of different sizes with very competitive rates that suits their needs.

Unit Trusts

IJG offers Unit Trusts and white labeling solutions to suit your needs. Investors can access IJG’s cost-effective savings products, designed to deliver certainty over time.

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