Investment Management

We offer a wide range of investment solutions

IJG Investment Managers is a 100% Namibian-owned asset management firm offering pension, corporate and retail clients a wide range of investment solutions, tailored to the unique risk and return objectives of each client.

Investment Philosophy

Active + Passive

At IJG we weigh the merits and shortcomings of both active and passive investing approaches and make use of more cost-effective passive products in more efficient markets while making use of “best in breed” active asset managers with proven track records in markets where we believe excess returns can be consistently generated.

Asset Allocation

At IJG we believe asset allocation is the key investment decision. We carefully balance the expected returns and potential risks of each asset class to build a portfolio that has a strong probability of meeting the investor’s long-term objectives with the lowest risk profile through efficient diversification. We make use of tried and tested portfolio construction techniques, rigorous backtesting and years of experience to ensure our client’s investment goals are reached.


IJG believes that consistency is key to successful investing. We believe that a steady, consistent approach will result in the best outcomes for our clients in meeting their investment goals over time. This involves having a predetermined investment process and sticking to it, ignoring the noise of short term fluctuations and sentiment in the market.


As with any product or service, there are fees and costs attached to investing. Although fees normally seem small, costs add up and compound over time. As a result, investment fees are one of the most important determinants of investment performance. At IJG we aim to provide solutions with a total expense ratio (TER) of less than 1.5%. We don’t charge performance fees, advice fees or penalty fees and aim to provide clear and transparent pricing on all our services.

Our Expertise

IJG offers a wide range of segregated portfolios for institutional clients, including a variety of single asset class portfolios and asset allocation portfolios. 


We offer a wide range of equity portfolio options including JSE and NSX listed equities, dual-listed portfolios, index tracking and offshore solutions.

Fixed Income

IJG provides access to Namibian and South African Government and corporate bonds as well as inflation-linked solutions.

Money Market

We offer Namibian Dollar, South African Rand and U.S. Dollar based money market solutions. These funds provide stable returns, high liquidity and a low level of risk.

Multi Managed

IJG makes use of either best in breed asset managers or index funds and combines these investments to create multi-manager portfolios specific to the needs of each client.

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