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  Sales Trading: What is Sales Trading?
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The IJG Direct trading desk is a group of highly motivated and experienced individuals

If you qualify for Sales Trader, we will assign you a personal SalesTrader, giving you direct access to their knowledge and expertise.


We tailor-make sales trading solutions for each individual:

  • We are interested in helping you to become profitable in your trading endeavors by growing a relationship with you.

  • We seek to understand your personal trading needs, and market preferences

  • As with any relationship, we make sure we partner you with a like-minded Sales Trader

  • You set the tone and the frequency of contact with your Sales Trader, depending on what you feel you need

  • We keep you (and your interests) top of mind, using advanced software to make sure we’re projecting better service to you at all times
You will be able to make use of the following services:


Technical market information:

  • We keep abreast with the financial markets on an ongoing basis
  trading education

Ongoing trading education:

  • We’ll help you to develop best trading practices in our interactions with you.We advocate applying discipline to your trading as well as how to manage your risk / reward ratio

Informed opinions:

  • Buying or Selling, your Sales Trader will have an answer for you based on their experience, in house discussions and knowledge sharing
  call us

Bigger share size numbers at a better price

  • Call us, and we’ll arrange a better price for you if you require larger lots than on the market, based on your Net Asset Value and trading volumes.

Risk profiling:

  • As our relationship develops with you, we’ll have greater insight into your individual risk appetite, enabling us to tailor make our recommendations to your personal trading profile

Ongoing conversation

  • Your Sales Trader is also there for you if you just want to chat, or to float a trade idea.
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