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Nilan Morar

Nilan Morar: Head Trading Desk

Our trading desk is headed up by the knowledgeable Nilan. He started at Global Trader as a Sales Trader and through his commitment and hard work, has progressed to now manage the Johannesburg based Trading Desk.

Nilan has been involved in financial markets for the past 15 years. His experience hails mostly from the major financial institutions and his areas of expertise include money markets, fixed income administration, trading, and derivatives.

Nine years ago now, Nilan saw an opportunity at a then small online trading company that offered a new and innovative way to bring trading to the man on the street whilst also being able to service the wholesale investor and he has been with Global Trader ever since.

He has the experience and disposition to remain calm even during the most tumultuous market conditions and his patience and guidance prove invaluable to the younger members on the desk.

He is meticulous and risk aware and his clients can always count on him for honest market opinions, (even if it is not what they want to hear) backed up by thorough market research.

Andrew Kinsey

Andrew Kinsey

Andrew heads up risk for the trading desk.

Having been involved in financial markets since 1991, Andrew has more than just mere knowledge of the markets; he has an instinctual feel for what is going on in the world of trading.

He has traded in the foreign exchange, equity and fixed income derivatives markets.
His knowledge and insight is so sought after that he provides training services in risk management, portfolio management and capital market products to international investment banks.

Global Trader was lucky enough to welcome him aboard their team in December 2007 to facilitate the risk management and product development activities of the group.

He runs a tight ship and has instilled culture of discipline, precision and sccountability in his team.
He is an invaluable asset to the company and is a constant source of information and support for everyone on the desk.

Paul Chakaduka Paul Chakaduka:

Paul adds some foreign flair to the trading desk.

Originally from Zimbabwe, he completed his Bcomm Hons degree at Rhodes University in 1999 after which he returned to his motherland and began his exciting career in the financial markets.

His time spent in Zim afforded him the opportunity to work in different capacities on both money market and foreign currency desks. He brought this invaluable experience across the border with him and joined the Global Trader team in 2009 after having completed his MBL (UNISA) in 2008.

He currently works as a Sales Trader on the CFD desk at GT and offers level headed advice to his clients in a voice Barry White would be jealous of.

Paul is never too stressed not to share a joke and a laugh with his clients and firmly believes in the saying, “only the brave” when it comes to trading these markets.

As if trading under the current market conditions isn’t frustrating enough, Paul is currently golf mad and has only to complete one remaining RPE exam to become a registered trader through the South African Institute for Financial Markets.

Favourite Quote
All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible- T. E. Lawrence

Oliver Russell Oliver Russell

Our very own Gordon Gekko, Oliver is a confident and capable trader.

He had his introduction to the markets in London where he spent two years at a CFD brokerage called Park Caledonia.

His qualifications include a B com in marketing and business management as well as a Level One Investment management

Certificate amongst other trading related certificates.

He joined Global Trader a couple of months into 2010 on his return home from the UK, and has a keen interest in currencies and commodities.

He thrives on the frenzied pace of a trading room going at full throttle and is most well suited to clients with a larger tolerance for risk.
As Oliver says, “you can make excuses or you can make money but you can’t make both.”

Xolile Mokoena Xolile Mokoena

To add some beauty to the brawn of the brains trust on the desk, Global Trader hired two young ladies to add to the team at the beginning of 2010. The first of which is KZN-born Xolile Mokoena.

The saying, dynamite comes in small packages couldn’t be more true of this young lady.

She has the fearlessness of youth and her undergraduate Degree in Science and Post-graduate in Business Management from Wits Business School have provided her with a multidisciplinary education that allows her to think outside of a purely financial box.

She is currently en-route to completing all R.P.E qualifications and prides herself in having already completed three of these exams, including the Equity Markets exam.

To quote her directly, “Equities rock-my-boat, I think it’s the human element of trying to satisfy everyone involved and still beat profits that makes it so intriguing. There are three simple things that take my breath-away; the smell of a new book being anxiously opened for the first time, discovering a new place to have great food and the anticipation of seeing the four corners of the world.”

Xoli’s enthusiasm is inexhaustible and she continues to grow from strength to strength.

As she does, so does her confidence and she is fast becoming a very competent Sales trader.

Georgina Engelbrecht Georgina Engelbrecht

The other half of the recent female addition to the desk is Georgie Engelbrecht.

Her qualifications include an undergraduate in Science, (BSc Psychology and Physiology) and a Post-graduate in Business Management from Wits Business School.

It was pure audacity that led her to the trading desk at Global Trader.

When the opportunity to work in the financial markets presented itself, she remembered something her brother-in-law said to her once, something about being blonde, able to talk sports and cocky enough to hold her own in amongst a room full of men. Based on this he reckoned she would fit right in as a trader. When combining those qualities with her inherent competitiveness that stems from her rowing days, it seems he may have been right.

The learning curve has been steep but through completing three of the required RPE’s so far and spending time in the supportive and educative environment that Global Trader provides, she is thriving.

Her clients cannot escape a quick chat about recent sporting results and upcoming sports events.

However, she is also fast developing a feel for the market which, tempered with a healthy dose of cynicism, helps her to make prudent trade recommendations.

Travis Robson

Travis Robson

The newest addition to the trading desk has been an in house transfer.

Travis Robson, who was formerly in sales, has recently moved onto the desk.

His qualifications include completing a business degree at The University of Natal (PMB) where after he followed so many fellow South Africans to the Mud Island to gain some international experience.

And where better to gain financial markets experience than in London? London was Travis’s home for the next 4 years whilst he travelled the world and kick-started his trading career.

After gaining invaluable experience at ABN Amro Bank, Bank of New York & HSBC Investment Bank he returned to home in 2008 due to the birth of his daughter Rylee.
He subsequently joined Global Trader, originally as part of the sales team, before the move to the desk in September 2010.
He is a Key Individual and Representative of the Financial Service Board (FSB), member of the South African Institute for Financial Markets and Equity Derivative member of the JSE.

Travis is a conscientious and hard working sales trader who is always up t o date with the very latest company and analyst research.

To bring some balance to his long hours on the desk, he is an avid mountain biker and open-water swimmer, and frequently competes in races around the country.

Favorite quote:
Between you and every goal that you wish to achieve, there is a series of obstacles, and the bigger the goal, the bigger the obstacles. Your decision to be, have and do something out of the ordinary entails facing difficulties and challenges that are out of the ordinary as well. Sometimes your greatest asset is simply your ability to stay with it longer than anyone else. -Brian Tracy

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