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otc futures

OTC Futures

Learn more about how Spreads (OTC Futures) work

Find out if Spreads are suitable for your financial position and investment strategy

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Meet the Global Trader Community

If you're a IJG Direct client, you can visit the IJG Direct Community for tips from other traders, as well as to see who IJG Direct top performers are.

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  mini cfds

Mini CFDs

Customisable watchlists to store your favourite instruments

Introducing Mini CFDs

  • What are Mini CFD's?
  • How do you trade with Mini CFD's

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    Become part of the Global Trader community

    If you're a IJG Direct client, you can sign up for a free membership, and start connecting with other traders.

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    binary options

    Binary Options

    What is the "binary" in Binary Options Trading?

    There are always two clear options or outcomes in a binary trade – yes or no, win or lose, in or out, up or down, call or put …

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    Become part of the IJG Direct community

    If you register for a live or simulated account, you'll also get free membership to the Global Trader Community

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      rolling cash currencies

    Rolling Cash Currencies

    Learn more:

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