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Understanding the risks

Understand the risks

  • Start your plunge into live trading with extra money that you can afford to experiment with

  • Understand the consequences of your trading activities, calculate the risks involved and find out how you can control and minimise your risk

  • Learn to use IJG Direct risk management tools

  • Sign up for IJG Direct 30-day free trial simulated trading platform, where you can safely experiment and practice until you get the hang of it
  Understanding trading

Understand trading instruments

  • You'll need to know about cash and derivative instruments

  • Then you'll need to understand what the different asset classes are

  • IJG Direct offers you trading in five types of asset classes:

    • Equities
    • Contracts for Difference (CFDs)
    • Mini CFDs
    • OTC Futures (Spreads)
    • Binary Options
Learn about strategy

Learn about strategy

  • Use your new understanding of the market to plan your strategy and objectives and be prepared to stick to it, until you come up with a better one!

  • Keep that strategy top of mind with all the decisions you make, especially when you're under pressure to act quickly
  understanding the markets

Understand the markets

Learn about the markets

Knowledge of the financial markets will draw you into the fascinating world of how economies work and how they relate to current and international events

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