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check Access to the internet

To trade with IJG Direct, whether you choose to do live or simulated trading, you'll need:
A computer (desktop or laptop)

Access to the Internet

An email address
check A simulated or live account

You don't need to have any money to start trading with IJG Direct.

folder You can practice with the GT 30-day free simulated trading account, which comes with a dummy budget of R100 000 for you to experiment with.
folder check

When you've got the hang of online trading, you can move on to the real thing and open a live account with IJG Direct.

  • To open a live account with use, we'll need your FICA documents
  • You'll also need a minimum deposit amount to open the account
check A IJG Direct Trading Platform

IJG Direct offers you two world leading trading platforms
Future Trader Future Trader EQ Trader EQ Trader  

The platforms allow you to trade both local and international instruments :

  • Spreads (OTC Futures)
  • Binary Options
  • CFDs
  • Mini CFDs.

You can choose to trade on any one of these products or trade on two platforms or on all three.

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